How Branding Helps Your Business Grow

by | Mar 30, 2022 | Branding

How Branding Helps Your Business Grow

Why you should set yourself apart from your competition

Aren’t you tired of throwing spaghetti at the wall? You have all these awesome ideas but no way to implement them. You’ve been trying for years but your revenue is hardly increasing or even worse… decreasing. Why? Because you don’t have a distinct brand. Can you honestly answer the question, “Why would I pay for my own products/services?” If you don’t have a good answer, you should consider improving your brand strategy.

So why should an entrepreneur like you even consider investing in a brand strategy? Well, let’s look at some of the benefits:

Having a Brand Strategy Sets You Apart from Your Competition

There’s nothing worse than looking the same as everyone else – whether you’re selling toothbrushes, pencils, or a unique product. A distinct brand makes you stand out from other more generic brands.

Picture yourself as the shopper. Do you honestly love the way your site looks? Do you appear professional and reliable? What makes you better than your competition?

If you can clearly define and answer these questions, you’re on the road to growing your business. Now it’s time to look at other ways to improve your brand strategy.

Your Customers Should Recognize Your Brand Immediately

Is your brand speaking to your ideal customer; or are you so generic that your brand is lost in a busy ‘finding Waldo’ activity sheet?

If you want to increase recognition, try creating an image that resonates with your ideal customer. People are naturally attracted to originality and authenticity.

They shouldn’t be wondering… is this the same company I saw yesterday? Make it memorable for them. Show colors that pop! Let your personality flow into your business.

Consistency is Key to Success

A brand strategy gives your business consistency, keeping your content from appearing uncoordinated and desperate.

If you throw random designs, colors, and patterns into your business, people will ultimately be confused and leave your site. Whether creating a social media post or designing a website, having consistency in your business makes you look like you know what you’re doing.

People Love Authenticity 

Your content/website should look visually appealing. The better your store looks and feels, the more likely a prospect will turn into a conversion. Depending on how much they enjoy the experience, people are social creatures and enjoy sharing the experiences they love. That should reflect in the intent and effort you put into your business.

People are also very hesitant and easily turned away. If your brand looks like it was thrown together in a half-hazard manner, then people will assume you are unreliable and ignore you. Stop throwing spaghetti at the wall and devise a plan.

Builds Trust

You’ll position yourself as an expert in your field immediately with a quality website and a brand strategy. It may help you build brand affinity to ensure your website is:

  • Informative
  • Consistent
  • Professional
  • And easy to navigate.

Due to common scamming, people are skeptical about handing their information over to low-budget websites. That’s why it is important to ensure your brand appears clean and reliable.

Less Confusion

Your fabulous customers shouldn’t be confused when they arrive at your site. Because the moment they feel confused is when they leave and move on to your competition, not something you want a reputation for.

Having a brand strategy can make owning your business easier as well. It will be easier to produce content and navigate your own material when everything is consistent. Branding is worth the investment.

You’ll be Known as “That Guy” in your Industry

Imagine getting calls from talk show hosts or popular magazines who want to interview you. You’ve scaled your business, and everyone loves your products. How did this happen? You became known in your industry (e-commerce, beauty, pets… whatever you’re into).

You’re so popular that people are beginning to imitate your work, which brings me to my next point…

No One Can Copy Your Brand

I know people might imitate your work, but they can’t copy your brand strategy exactly.

One thing you must always think about in business is competition. People might want to steal your ideas or make a knockoff of your product, but they can’t mimic your brand.

Even if they try, you’ll already be a leader in your industry, and it’ll be obvious they’re copying you. When building brand affinity, people will be much more likely to purchase from you rather than a knockoff business.

People Will be Able to Find You Easier

Branding is amazing for improving your SEO score. Even though it isn’t the biggest concern for most businesses, SEO is a great tool for visibility. SEO is more important for repeat customers and people already familiar with your brand, but it is still crucial to your success.

Your Bounce Rate Decreases

Bouncing is when people only visit the first page of your site and leave due to disinterest. That’s why big, well-known websites have better SEO and smaller low budget sites don’t show in the top search results. You don’t want to be the site on the fifth search result page. This goes back to improving SEO and the quality of your website’s navigation. The more consistent your branding, the easier it is for people to navigate your business. This improves the customer experience and encourages them to stay on your website for longer.

Satisfied Customers are More Likely to Repeat

People don’t buy from top companies solely because they love their products. They buy from them because it makes them feel special. It makes them feel like they are part of something better. Creating that sort of community experience draws customers to your business.

Branding isn’t all about selling the product. You are also selling your ability to fix people’s pain points. If you can speak to them directly and solve their most pressing needs and desires, it can increase the affinity your customers will have for you.

So Now What?

You may understand why you need a brand strategy, but do you know how it works? Maybe you don’t know where to begin with your brand strategy or aren’t confident in your artistic abilities. With guidance and direction from someone specializing in strategic branding for small business owners like you, you don’t have to worry. We have your back.

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