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Oklahoma Real Estate Academy came to me for a full marketing and design assessment and website rebuild. I created an entirely new and optimized WordPress website with WooCommerce, and a LearnDash learning management system. In addition, a did a full assessment of their business and developed a comprehensive marketing strategy for them.


Context & Challenge

Oklahoma Real Estate Academy came to me in early 2020 struggling with an outdated website and an absolute lack of marketing or online presence. They needed to quickly transition to hosting most students online due to the pandemic and were unsure of where to start. 

Challenge 1

Urgent need to transition to mostly virtual learning.

Challenge 2

Badly outdated and slow website, not suited for the job.

Challenge 3

Subsequent need to expand online footprint and reach new students.


Process & Insight

I researched OREA’s business, market, and competitors and created a comprehensive strategy for them. I found that they had very few local competitors and could easily fill a market gap by showing they were on the cutting edge of virtual learning. In addition, they needed to let people know about their school with a comprehensive social media and marketing system.

  • Few Competitors 45% 45%
  • Need for Top-Notch Tech 64% 64%
  • Comprehensive Social & Marketing 97% 97%



After discussing the results of my research we concluded that the first step was building a new website. The website is built on WordPress, using WooCommerce and LearnDash. The highly customized UX/UI for this site is based on the needs of students as well as competitor research.

After building and optimizing the website I began their marketing and social media campaigns. A combined organic and paid strategy, including email marketing, is working well for them.

bespoke branding and custom website design



The website and new learning system have been a huge success. Oklahoma Real Estate Academy maintains the highest pass rate for real estate schools in the state. Our social media and marketing campaigns are steadily drawing in new students and receiving 5-star ratings on all platforms.

New Revenue

Page Views

New Customers

Happy Client

Sandra has done so much for our organization. Our online footprint went from minimal to massive and it was all her doing. She is multitalented. No matter the problem, she was quick and eager to offer a solution. Her ability to take high-level concepts and communicate them in a way that laypeople are able to understand it has been a refreshing change of pace from what I’ve experienced working with other people in her field in the past. She is prompt and punctual and organized and personable and I cannot recommend her highly enough.



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