the importance of good ux/ui design

by | Apr 25, 2022 | Web Design

Always make a good first impression. Imagine yourself as your ideal customer who’s checking out your website for the first time. How will your prospect remember that experience? What do you want your prospect to do next? Because if you’re not getting the results you want, your user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) might need some work. A few changes will make your content and visual elements more enjoyable, informative, and amusing. Let’s look closer at each of the benefits and the importance of good UI/UX design.

  1. You’ll Increase Sales Over Time

By making your website intuitive, engaging, and customer centric, you will drastically see improvement. Your customers will essentially be happier to buy from you because they had so much fun browsing through your website…

In fact, there’s a study by Forrester that shows for every $1 a company invests in UI/UX they can earn up to $100 back in sales over time! Where else can you get a return on your investment for that much?

  1. You’ll Have a Better Relationship with Your Customer

In the age of attention-grabbing advertisements and disrupting notifications all day, people are craving authenticity and connection. You want more sales, but sometimes small business owners jump ahead, and they forget the customer’s journey. First, you need to create a genuine relationship with your ideal customer, and you can do that by creating a good UX/UI experience. You’ll need to narrow down your target market and “speak” to that person individually. Because once they love your brand and you show them how you understand them, they’re going to love buying from you… and keep buying from you too.

  1. Companies That Prioritize UX/UI Are Killing It

Look at Airbnb. They knew the importance of good UX/UI from the very beginning, and now they’re a leader in the vacation rental industry. Why? Because when people land on their site, they’re not confused. They answer the questions their customers have from the start and make it fun to take their quiz. Create a similar experience for your ideal customer and you’ll have incredible results. It’s engaging, interactive, fun, informational, user friendly, and people love taking the next step – buying.

  1. Companies That Have Bad UX/UI Design are Losing Big!

Studies show having a bad user experience drives your customers away. Did you know that 88% of online shoppers will NEVER RETURN to a website after a single bad experience? This is based on a study from Amazon Web Services. This means your bounce rate is through the roof! Visitors are hopping off your site without doing anything – especially not buying. This also means… if you don’t have a good user experience, you’ve already lost 9/10 people who landed on your site. Better turn things around before you lose 88% of your future customers too.

  1. Prospects Will Fall in Love with Your Brand

When people love your brand, they will buy more. It’s that simple. You’ll be able to charge more and create a buzz around your products. And when people talk about your brand, they’ll post on social media. That social reach would do wonders for your business.

  1. People Will Stay Longer on Your Site and Increase SEO

When your website is more interesting, informative, and fun, your prospects will stick around and look at more pages and posts. When visitors hang out on your website longer, this is awesome for SEO. Google recognizes you have a quality website and brings more traffic to you by ranking you higher in the search. More organic traffic for you!

  1. People Will Be Less Confused

Think of confusion as your worst enemy. There should be one call-to-action (CTA), not five different things to click on. Keep it simple by leading your prospects where you want them to go next. If you make it confusing and have many different places to click, they won’t click on anything at all. Because the moment they get confused is the moment they leave your site, and they’ll buy from the competition.

When people land on your site for the first time, you have one chance at making a good first impression. Worst of all, they will remember that experience and never return. Remember that stat from earlier?

  1. Decrease Bounce Rate with Good UX/UI Design

How are your analytics? If you’re struggling to decrease bounce rate, you may have a simple UX/UI design problem… because high bounce rates are caused by confusion (too many places to click), low-quality content, and design. Take a step back and really picture what people are thinking when they see your website. Is it focused on the prospect or is it all about you? Because if you make it all about helping the prospect and creating the best possible experience, your bounce rate will decrease.

  1. Your Prospects Will Look to You as Their Guide

When people search for something online, it’s because they want to solve a problem. Take your customers through the journey. A fun quiz on the home page is a fantastic way to increase engagement. It puts you in a position of authority who knows the exact pain points your customer is going through. It’s one of the easiest ways to lock them in and build trust.

See why good UX/UI design is so important? You might have a lot of changes you need to make before you’re confident your prospects are having the best possible experience. All you need to do is talk to an expert in this field. Because, if you’re doing it on your own, you might not “see” your website the same way your customers do. Schedule a call with us here.