Everything H2O



Everything H2O reached out to expand from a brick-and-mortar store to eCommerce. They needed a new fully responsive website and a comprehensive digital marketing/social media assessment and strategy. 


Context & Challenge

Everything H2O is a large outlet center selling hot tubs, swim spas, fireplaces, grills, and more. They also provide all of the services needed to install and maintain their products. They had an existing website that was determined to be unable to scale to the desired level. They also needed a way to move into eCommerce and streamline some of their day-to-day processes.

Challenge 1

Build a new dynamic website for all products and services. 

Challenge 2

Streamline and automate existing processes.

Challenge 3

Initiate a comprehensive marketing plan to bring in traffic from multiple sources.


Process & Insight

I met with the owner of Everything H2O at length to gain clarity on their specific business and goals. I then conducted in-depth research on the business, market, and competition. I also did an in-depth customer avatar assessment. 

I determined that the website needed to have a bright and playful feel, with extensive imagery of the products in use by happy customers. The overall theme of the website design is focused on creating desire by allowing customers to envision themselves in a new hot tub or using their new grill.

  • Ease of Use & Navigation 40% 40%
  • Bright, fun and playful atmosphere 62% 62%
  • Build desire with vivid imagery 95% 95%



The new website design is easy to navigate despite the wide array of products and services. FAQs and contact forms are easily accessible to help customers gain clarity. The website provides a fun and engaging shopping experience.

The next steps will include further automation and integration as well as the implementation of a comprehensive marketing system. Extensive email automation, organic social media (multi-platform), and paid advertising will bring customers into an array of sales funnels aimed at our various target demographics.

bespoke branding and website design



The implementation of this new system is still underway but already there has been a significant increase in sales and online following. 

I will continue to update these results as we look forward to full implementation in 2022.

New Revenue

New Followers

New Customers

Happy Client

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