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Ex Machina is our sister company and I have been involved in its development from day one. I designed and built the website, created the logo & typography, and assisted heavily in all marketing and social media strategy and content creation.


Context & Challenge

This project was unique as it involved creating a new brand from scratch. The challenge was to create a digital marketing consultancy that highlighted unique skillsets and could stand out in a flooded market.
Ex Machina was formed by a group of professionals to market consultancy and digital marketing skills in the form of comprehensive guidance and implementation for large companies.

Challenge 1

Build a brand that stands out in the crowd.

Challenge 2

Fully automate the platform to require very little upkeep.

Challenge 3

Implement marketing to bring in new clients.


Process & Insight

Decades of experience along with fresh market and audience insight told me this brand and website needed to be sleek and simple while conveying the high level of expertise our group brings to the table.

I chose the name Ex Machina from the Greek Deus Ex Machina (God in the machine), as consultants we represent the proverbial wizard behind the curtain. I designed the branding around a vision for reaching new heights and spanning across many platforms, hence the stacked Ms that form the X logo for XMM. The texture of the letters is meant to convey looking into space while the orange and green halos emulate sun and earth respectively.

  • Sleek and Minimalist Design 35% 35%
  • Futuristic Logo & Imagery 65% 65%
  • Demonstrate High Level of Expertise and Advancement 97% 97%



I designed and built Ex Machina’s website on WordPress and fully integrated it with a number of automated solutions. I then worked with my colleagues to craft and implement a comprehensive marketing strategy bringing in new clientele.

The website has a common-sense flow, with the right balance of information and calls to action. Visitors are led through the site in a process of learning about the services & providers to build desire and ultimately book a free consultation.

bespoke branding and web design



The website and marketing have been highly effective and Ex Machina’s first year in business has been one of rapid growth.

We look forward to scaling in early 2022 and adding team members as well as new services.

New Revenue

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New Customers

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