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Marching in Your Livingroom is a coaching service startup I have worked with to design their logo, typography, and all social media and marketing. I also designed and built their BigCommerce website.


Context & Challenge

The Marching in Your Livingroom program needed a logo, color palette and simple, clear website to reach their audience for diversity coaching.

Challenge 1

Create a brand and logo around diversity

Challenge 2

Create a simple, user friendly website

Challenge 3

Develop a strategy for outreach and marketing courses


Process & Insight

This was a difficult job to research as Marching is breaking barriers in every sense of the word. They intentionally reach out to non-minority clients to educate them about diversity, inclusion, and equity.

I was able to find demographic information to compile a customer avatar around which to base branding, voice, and marketing. I concluded that a holistic approach to marketing with a heavy focus on an organic strategy would be best.  

  • Elusive audience 40% 40%
  • Need for cautious approach to sensitive topics 65% 65%
  • Heavily organic strategy and outreach system 99% 99%



I developed a logo depicting people of all skin colors and orientations, holding a cardboard sign with the brand name in ‘marker’, and the sign shaped like a house. The clients felt this perfectly captured everything about their mission and goals.

The website is simplistic with a mostly neutral color palette and high contrast black & white imagery. This conveys a sense of calm while also drawing the eye to provocative pictures that evoke strong emotional responses. 

I also created a questionnaire to allow the coaches to vet potential clients and compose groups that would blend well and be able to learn and grow together. 

The website has a natural flow of learning about the programs, viewing the course options, and going through the onboarding process.


bespoke branding and web design



Both the website and the subsequent marketing strategy have been highly successful. Visitors were able to learn about the programs on their own and choose to sign up once they understood what to expect. 

The mostly organic strategy not only pulled in many customers but also built a large following on social media that has helped to promote subsequent programs and initiatives by this coaching group. 


Ultimately, what I helped build was a community, not a business. I am thrilled and honored to continue working with this amazing group of coaches on their many endeavors to make the world a better place for everyone.

New Revenue

Page Views

New Customers

Happy Clients

Sandra did a great job developing branding and a website for our program Marching in Your Livingroom. She was able to capture our message and voice perfectly and speak to our target audience in a way that made them comfortable with the very sensitive topics we approach in our sessions.

Aaron Johnson

Founder, Marching in Your Livingroom

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