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Grief to Action is a social activism and community outreach program I have worked with from its foundation. I designed and built their website and continue to work with them to bring awareness to their cause with social media and marketing efforts.  


Context & Challenge

The Holistic Resistance coaching group came to me with a new endeavor they needed comprehensive support for. Grief to Action is an intentional community and social activism program developed to support BIPOC in converting their grief to community action.

The challenge was to build a website that could serve as a fundraising platform but also as an information source and a place for folx to sign up to volunteer or participate in the program. 

Challenge 1

Build a new WordPress website for Grief to Action

Challenge 2

Create a place for donations, volunteering, learning, and joining the program.

Challenge 3

Begin outreach to BIPOC communities for support and volunteers.


Process & Insight

I have worked with Holistic Resistance extensively and am deeply aware of their target audience. However, I still did research on both the market and competitors for similar initiatives. 

I found that this program is very unique, and there is a large market gap to fill. I developed a strategy for the design of the website around making everyone feel welcomed and at peace. 

  • Unique program with few Competitors 35% 35%
  • Need to bring a sense of calm & community 65% 65%
  • Community outreach must be done with care 97% 97%



I built a WordPress website with vivid imagery and many photos of the Grief to Action camp & coaching group. I was able to create spaces for education around each facet of G2A, frequent calls to action for donations, as well as forms to sign up for volunteering or joining the program.

The color palette is calming and refreshing, while the vivid imagery conveys the sense of community felt at G2A. Visitors to the website have commented that they knew immediately that they needed to be a part of this initiative. 

bespoke branding and web design



While some of this project is still ongoing, the website is complete and the program is up and running

I will continue to work with Grief to Action to add more information and resources to the website as well as to build an organic outreach and social media strategy. This community is destined to make an impact and I am proud to be a part of their continued growth.

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