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Cross Impact Coaching is an organizational design firm that came to me in need of branding and website redesign services. I built their Wix site and have continued to provide branding, social media, and marketing consultation and implementation. 


Context & Challenge

I began work with Cross Impact Coaching to assist with logo redesign and creating variations for different uses. Subsequently, I was asked to assess their existing website for rebranding. After some investigation and discussion, it was decided that a new website was in order, along with some social media and marketing strategies. 

The challenge was to present CIC as a cutting-edge executive coaching and organizational design firm. We needed a website and online presence that would appeal directly to the corporate decision-makers seeking CIC’s services. We also needed integrations and automation that would make the process of vetting clients and reaching out to our audience much easier. 

Challenge 1

Build a new Wix website to present CIC as a Next Gen company.

Challenge 2

Create a brand persona that appeals to the decision-makers.

Challenge 3

Automate and integrate all processes for ease of vetting and scaling.


Process & Insight

I conducted extensive research using CIC’s past analytics, ads, and clientele. I also did an in-depth marketing analysis and competitor research. I found that many executive coaches were not using websites at all, and those who were seemed very generic.

Cross Impact Coaching needed to stand out and draw interest. We needed to display knowledge and expertise but in a friendly manner. We needed to vet applicants and use automated processes without losing the human aspect of the company.

  • Stand out in a Flooded Market 35% 35%
  • Present a Professional yet Approachable Persona 70% 70%
  • Institute Prevetting and Automations, while remaining Human 97% 97%



I designed Cross Impact’s new website and marketing system to speak directly to the corporate decision-makers. This is an elusive target audience that many have difficulty targeting.

The website is laid out much like an infographic or presentation, a familiar methodology to our audience. The branding uses a blue and green color scheme that is both professional and calming/reassuring. The target logo is representative of the broad impact CIC’s services can have across all departments and functions of an organization. The consistent tone of the brand voice is professional but also fun and even playful at times.

bespoke branding and web design



The new website and marketing processes have been quite successful. We have continued to optimize and revisit the layout of the website and structure of the offerings. 

Marketing and social media implementation are ongoing as well. 2022 will see rapid scaling of the business structure and many new opportunities for CIC’s clientele.

New Revenue

Page Views

New Clients

Happy Client

Sandi West has been invaluable to my team and company! She has helped me with branding, redesigning my website, designing my newsletters, client collateral, and providing her expertise when it comes to growing my brand and presence. 

Betsy Kauffman

CEO/OWNER, Cross Impact Coaching

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